Wall of Fame

Featured here are Iowa State University alumni businesses.

AA Commodities & Investments

AA Commodities and Investments is a commodity brokerage that aides farmers in managing price risk. We provide a daily Morning Market Update newsletter that spotlights recent market news as well as fundamental data. (Trading in futures products entails significant risks of loss)

Founder(s): Patrick White
Current State of Business: Operational

AgriPeril Risk Management

AgriPeril provides personalized risk management and marketing strategies for farmers and their operations.

Founder(s): Reed Burres
Current State of Business: Operational


AgroGraph delivers accurate and timely information on crop yields and other agricultural production information by combining satellite observations, weather data and machine learning algorithms into field-scale forecasts.

Founder(s): Mutlu Ozdogan, James O'Brien
Current State of Business: Operational

Baitinger Consulting

We help clients manage and enhance their internal customer data while also creating targeted prospect lists.

Founder(s): Joe Baitinger
Current State of Business: Operational

Cimtechnologies Corporation

Industrial Engineering Software

Founder(s): Dave Sly
Current State of Business: Sold/Merged

Continuum Ag

Continuum Ag provides soil health consulting to farmers and agricultural companies, around the world, by quantifying and improving soil health. With improved soils, agriculturalists can fit into sustainable ag markets, improve land valuations, improve environmental impact, and boost on-farm profit!

Founder(s): Mitchell Hora
Current State of Business: Operational

Decision Commodities, LLC

Automated commodity contract pricing models and trading.

Founder(s): Kevin Kimle
Current State of Business: Sold/Merged

Deja Brew

DejaBrew is a small town coffee shop with all of the offerings of a big city owned by Colin and Liz Hoppe. DejaBrew offers gourmet coffee drinks, smoothies, baked goods and full lunch menu. They focus on excellent, personalized customer service to go with every order.

Founder(s): Elizabeth Hoppe
Current State of Business: Operational

E-Markets, Inc.

Electronic commerce applications for agricultural businesses.

Founder(s): Kevin Kimle, Dave Krog, Rusty Harder
Current State of Business: Sold/Merged

Eagle's Catch, LLLP

Eagle's Catch, LLLP is an aquaculture production company located in Ellsworth, IA. It's indoor, on land, and intensive production system is one of the world's largest. Eagle's Catch produces and sells high-quality Tilapia for traditional retail and ethnic live markets across North America.

Founder(s): Joe Sweeney
Current State of Business: Operational


Online search portal and analysis tools for land real estate.

Founder(s): Steven Brockshus
Current State of Business: Operational

Grand View Beef

Raising 100% grass-fed beef on a century family farm from birth to harvest. We focus on environment, genetics, and practices to ensure the animal has a stress-free life resulting in a superior product. Available direct to consumer, in grocery stores, and in restaurants across Iowa.

Founder(s): Knute Severson, Amanda Severson
Current State of Business: Operational


GWT uses micoalgae to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater.

Founder(s): Martin Gross, Zhiyou Wen
Current State of Business: Operational

Kimle Aquaculture

Kimle Aquaculture is focused on research, development and design of recirculating aquaculture facilities that feature algae as the main water treatment method.

Founder(s): Jackson Kimle
Current State of Business: Started

KinoSol SBC

KinoSol is a Specific Benefit Corporation with a focus on decreasing food waste on a global scale via food waste reduction technology. KinoSol’s first product, the Orenda, is a small-scale, solar-powered food dehydrator designed for farmers and families in developing countries.

Founder(s): Mikayla Sullivan, Clayton Mooney, Elise Kendall, Ella Gehrke
Current State of Business: Operational

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds is a third-generation, family-owned company serving farmers in the Upper Midwest with most diverse lineup of genetics, traits and technologies; Seed-2-Soil® agronomic services and independent research – all delivered with personal service and the highest quality standards.

Founder(s): John Latham, Shannon Latham
Current State of Business: Operational


LunchSox provides meals for kids during weekends and other school breaks by providing funding from sock sales to existing meal programs. Lunchsox is in the process of developing a farm-to-foot supply chain in which all materials can be traced directly to their farm of origin.

Founder(s): Rebecca Lyons
Current State of Business: Operational


We are a product-as-a-service company, providing High Pressure Aeroponics (HPA) growing units, paired with artificial intelligence. Our technology is designed for commercial producers in leafy green, microgreen, and pharmaceutical production, as well plant R&D.

Founder(s): Clayton Mooney, Danen Pool, Mahmoud Parto
Current State of Business: Started

Paul M. Quam & Associates

Quam & Associates have provided financial related services to predominately ag related business, farms and ag lenders in the central U.S.. Services include analysis, feasibility projections, restructures, fund sourcing, accounting, bill paying, payroll etcetera for 30 years.

Founder(s): Paul Quam
Current State of Business: Operational

Performance Livestock Analytics

Performance Livestock Analytics aims to help livestock producers become more sustainable and profitable. Our precision ag application combines today’s cloud-based technologies with on-farm information, bringing big data solutions to the livestock industry.

Founder(s): Dane Kuper
Current State of Business: Operational


Assembly Factory PLM Software

Founder(s): Dave Sly
Current State of Business: Operational

ScoutPro, Inc

ScoutPro is a crop scouting software for ag retailers, independent agronomists, growers, and seed businesses. Customers use the software to provide consistent, accurate, and timely identification and records of infield issues throughout the growing season and use these records in the future.

Founder(s): Michael Koenig, Holden Nyhus, Stuart McCulloh
Current State of Business: Operational

Smart Ag

Smart Ag's products allow any machine on the farm to run autonomously, connect to the cloud, be monitored, and controlled from anywhere in the world. This cutting-edge technology, reduces the number of skilled operators required, allowing farmers to become more efficient and profitable.

Founder(s): Colin Hurd
Current State of Business: Operational

Strong Source Ag Services LLC

Strong Source Ag is an ag retailer of Pioneer Hybrid seed, cover crop seed, and in the future Crop Insurance.

Founder(s): John Armstrong
Current State of Business: Operational

Tractor Zoom Inc.

Tractor Zoom is an online marketplace that connects heavy equipment buyers and auctioneers faster than ever before.

Founder(s): Kyle McMahon
Current State of Business: Operational