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With a strong passion for public speaking, marketing, and most importantly agriculture, I, Josie Burgett, am thrilled to take on the new role as the Special Projects Student Assistant for the AgEI team at Iowa State University.

Brandon Norton, Senior in Agriculture Systems Technology

Written by Jacob Lauver, Agricultural Studies senior

My name is Jacob Lauver and I will be a senior this fall at Iowa State majoring in Ag Studies. I spent my 12-week summer internship working in Buckeye, Iowa for Iowa’s First and Vero Blue Farms raising Barramundi fish for food production. I am the Operations Intern so my experience was hands-on for all daily operations to run a fish farm sustainably.

Written by Locky Catron, Agricultural Business

Written by Dominic Snyder, Senior in Agricultural Business

Written by Alex Hage, Senior in Agricultural Business

Written by Charles Steingrabe, Senior in Agricultural Business

Written by Steven Brockshus, Junior in Agricultural & Life Sciences Education

Written by Sarah Delhotal, Senior in Agricultural Communications