Planting Towards the Future

Brandon Norton, Senior in Agriculture Systems Technology

My name is Brandon Norton and I am a senior in Agriculture Systems Technology: Machine Systems at Iowa State University. This summer I interned for Agriculture Concepts and worked in Holstein, Iowa with KM Manufacturing. Agriculture Concepts was founded by a student that went to Iowa State who saw a need to solve a problem in the Agricultural field with soil compaction. Agriculture Concepts has brought two innovative products to market with TrackTill and CADEN Edge.

TrackTill is a tillage system that attaches to planters with center fill to break up the tracks the planter leaves and reduce the compaction as you go through the field. This product has helped reduce soil compaction and create higher yields plants with better roots in the center rows. Before TrackTill the rows near the center tires saw reduced yield because of the compaction of the planters. The TrackTill product is the solution to that problem with the bigger center fill planters today. 

This summer working for Agriculture Concepts through KM Manufacturing was a great learning experience and I gained knowledge in all sides of the manufacturing part of the business. I was able to take part in designing new parts for the TrackTill system, which I took all the way through design process to building and assembling the product. The experience and knowledge that I gained this summer is irreplaceable and it will help me greatly after I graduate and pursue starting my own business. 

I am very grateful for the opportunity that I got from Agriculture Concepts this summer to be involved with this product and help contribute to the business. I thank Agriculture Concepts and KM Manufacturing for a wonderful learning experience and a great summer. I hope to keep in contact with them well after I graduate. Also, thank you AgEI for this opportunity and your great program. I look forward to seeing what else Agriculture Concepts bring to market.