Internship Stretching All Across the Midwest



My name is Paige Peterson and this summer I worked as the locally grown intern at Capital City Fruit. Capital City Fruit (CCF) is a professional supply chain management company dealing with produce to deliver quality fruits and vegetables to our customers. CCF grows relationships with growers to supply the best produce on the market. During the growing season in Iowa and the surrounding states CCF focuses in on locally grown products for our customers.

 This summer I worked very closely with the grower relations specialist, Jon Miller. Jon in in charge of all CCF’s locally grown product from any of our growers and helps market to our customers. Jon had me involved with the locally grown updates that go out to each of our customers every week to let them know what products we can supply them. This was a great learning experience that had me involved with contacting out growers to see how their crops are doing as well as doing check-ups on their crops. I was able to go on numerous grower visits that took me out of Iowa to places like Illinois, Wisconsin, and Missouri. These trips were an awesome experience and allowed me to meet our growers, visit their farms, and network with so many new people from all over.



   I was able to visit a Mennonite farm in Missouri which was an experience I never would have thought. This farm is one of our biggest locally grown farms we have. Jon, the marketing intern, Bethany, and I went to see the start of  their growing season as well as take pictures and gather media material to put together videos as a marketing tool for one of our largest customers.


  I was able to do a little investigating when CCF sent me and two other collogues to Illinois. We attended a Greenhouse Expansion Discovery Session, where we took a green house tour as well as sat through presentations about them expanding as well as their partners with the expansion. This was really cool to go and investigate as well as sit through presentations with some of our competitors and listen to what thoughts they had on the expansion and investment in the project.


Even though I did a lot of site visits to our growers, I was also involved  on several projects. I assisted in creating marketing programs and promotional items for our top customers. As well as, helping with the team that organizes, promotes, and partners with one of our leading customers to host a Hatch Chile Pepper Roast. This is a project they have been developing for the past couple years and has turned into an annual event.


This internship has been awesome and has provided me with opportunities I would not have even dreamed of. I was able to be extremely involved with many projects and collaborated with other colleagues. Every experience I had was amazing especially since I am new to this industry. I could not have asked for a better internship!