Student Business Development Projects

"In partnering with AgEI, we were able to gain valuable insight into the U.S. poultry market during the emotional and economically devastating H5 outbreak of 2015."

~ Joel Harris, Vice President Harrisvaccines 

“It was a fantastic experience working with the CALS Team, both students and faculty. This project allowed us not only to gain a greater respect for the market we serve and our current and future clienteles’ expectations; this project also allowed us to form deeper bonds with the students and faculty of Iowa State University."

~Lucas Boyken, Hagie Manufacturing Director of Systems Development 

Contributing to your business

The Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative places small teams of ten to twelve students on domestic or international business development projects each spring semester.  Each project includes travel to meet with the industry and partnering business's leadership team to learn more about the project, relevant markets, and ideal outcomes for the project. The selected students are also required to take a three credit course during the spring semester.

Students present their research

While on campus, students strive to address the identified business development project for the partnering business while working towards completion of the identified deliverables. The students work under the direction of the AgEI staff as they conduct needed market research and financial analysis as it pertains to the project. At the conclusion of the semester the students will have completed a final summary document and an oral presentation that will be presented to the partnering business’s board of directors and/or key company officials. 

Projects from partnering businesses will deal with current business concerns in one or more of the following functional areas:

  • Marketing plan development
  • Business development analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • Business plan development
  • Market Analysis & Assessment
    • Industry Trends & Potentials
    • Competitive Profile
    • Customer Profile