Nolan Herlocker

Feature Story

Nolan HerlockerNolan Herlocker, a senior at Iowa State University, has a spirit for entrepreneurship that started at a young age. At 12 years old, Nolan embarked on his first business venture when he began plowing snow from neighbors’ driveways in the winter and mowing their yards in the summer. His business expanded during his high school career and he began operating Nolan’s Handyman Service, a custom landscaping business.

When Nolan began his journey at Iowa State University, his quest for pursuing entrepreneurial ventures and goals continued. He quickly became involved with the Entrepreneurship Club, where he now serves as President, as well as other programs that foster entrepreneurship.

Nolan’s business idea for Propelled Solutions was first sparked by watching a video that showed footage of a fire and rescue team using a drone to deliver a rope to someone in need. Through this inspiration, Nolan decided to explore the idea of using innovative technology to save lives using drones. Shortly after developing this business concept, Nolan purchased a 3D printing machine and founded Propelled Solutions, a business that sells drone attachments.

Focused on connecting with different people and resources around campus while propelling his business forward, Nolan joined                                                                   the AgEI Student Incubator in fall 2017. Upon graduation in December, Nolan looks forward to going full-time with Propelled                                                                         Solutions.


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