Amanda Blair

Program Coordinator
Amanda Blair

Amanda Blair is a southern Iowa native and proud Iowa State University alumnus. Currently, Amanda serves as the Program Coordinator for the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative (AgEI) at Iowa State University. Amanda’s passions have always been agriculture and working with people. Her position allows her to feed both of these interests, while empowering student members of AgEI to be the best students, employees, and people they can be. AgEI works to instill in students the power of startups, opportunities that lie in entrepreneurial ventures, and how to tap into the entrepreneurial spirit. Through innovative programming, academic courses, and various events and activities the AgEI program provides students with these skills and resources necessary to be successful.

Prior to joining the AgEI program, Amanda served as the Career Services Coordinator in Human Sciences at Iowa State University where she worked with students through the employment and continuing education process. She also worked with a rural television network in Omaha, Nebraska, RFD-TV as the Event & Recruitment Coordinator.

B.S., Public Service and Administration in Agriculture, Iowa State University
B.S., Agricultural Business, Iowa State University
M.S., Human Resources Management, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota