Our Mission and Ethics

mission graphicOur Mission

Train and develop the mindset, skills and behaviors of high-impact agricultural entrepreneurs and change-makers

What We Do

Spurring creation of tomorrow’s agriculture by:

  • Developing agricultural entrepreneurs and change-makers
  • Supporting agricultural business and farm startups
  • Building a vibrant ecosystem for innovation and transformation

Entrepreneur’s Ethic

Our decisions are shaped by the aspiration to create meaning and impact; to be entrepreneurial in all that we do. This is the Entrepreneur’s Ethic.

1. Make Things Happen – Be action-oriented. Play off your front foot.

2. Invest for Tomorrow – Be future-oriented. Spend time and resources for long-term impact.

3. Seek Truth in Everything – Be candor-oriented. Don’t be a fraud and don't be afraid to call a fraud a fraud.

4. Mentor in All Directions – Be teaching-oriented. Find a mentor and be a mentor.

5. Be the Real You – Be authenticity-oriented. Be yourself and let others be themselves.

6. Fail Successfully – Be experiment-oriented. Learn from mistakes and move upward.

7. Solve Hard Problems – Be others-oriented. Find means to solve intractable problems.