Student Business Incubator

Highly skilled and experienced staff members are looking to assist students in their business planning, development, and launch stages of new business ventures. Students with feasible business ideas are encouraged to apply for this unique program.

The AgEI program strives to provide adequate resources for students to find success in the market place. The following are just a few businesses the program has helped start:

ScoutPro – Michael Koenig, graduate in Agricultural Studies, conceptualized an easier way for farmers, cooperatives, and everyone in between to scout their crops. This tablet/smartphone application allows individuals to pinpoint their pest issues in just three easy clicks.

Agriculture Concepts – Colin Hurd, graduate in Agricultural Studies, developed a planter attachment designed to alleviate soil compaction caused by large planting equipment.

To learn more about these businesses, and others who have been a part of the AgEI Student Incubator, plan on joining us on September 6th for an informational meeting!