An Unforgettable Experience

By: Josie Burgett


 The date of the first ever Grow by  FarmHer  event was November 13, 2015  in Ankeny,  Iowa. As a freshman at Iowa  State, I decided  it would be in my best  interest to attend and  see what I could  get out of it. After having  the chance to  listen to amazing keynote  speakers,  participate in engaging breakout  sessions, and hear about what FarmHer  was;  I knew I wanted to be involved  with this  amazing company. Shortly  after, my dreams  came true as I  accepted my first ever college  internship.

 FarmHer is a start-up that focuses on  shining  a light on the amazing women  of agriculture.  This is done through  photography,  television, social media, networking events,  and an interactive online community. This  small company has done some big things, and being on board has been the experience of a lifetime.

Just two months into my internship, I was amazed at the skills I had learned in this short amount of time. Some of my duties included managing social media pages, updating the FarmHer website, creating content for our #FarmHerFriday posts, and helping plan our upcoming Grow events for young women in agriculture. Although I had some experience on using social media prior to this internship, I had never once used a graphic design program, been on the backside of a website, or worked with people from across the country to plan an event.

I remember during the very first week of my internship thinking, “There is no way I can do this job. I am way too young and don’t have anywhere near the amount of skills I need for this position.”   Those doubts were shot down right away when I began to dive in, ask questions, and be confident in my abilities. I guess that is the beauty of internships. They allow you to learn about areas in the industry you have never experienced before, while still being a valuable asset to the company you are working for.

My favorite part about my internship has been the people I have been able to meet. I have had the opportunity to travel to around Iowa and meet some of the women that are the backbone of American farming. I have also had the opportunity to network with other women in the industry by attending events like the World Pork Expo, company conferences, and the Iowa State Fair!

None of these opportunities would have been possible without the help of the AgEI program and my amazing team at FarmHer. I truly feel valued and respected as an intern, and enjoy working everyday because I have the chance to work with some amazing women. I know this experience will have a huge impact on my future by providing me more opportunities within the industry. I am sad that my internship is coming to a close, but I look forward to the opportunity to stay in contact with the team and share the message of FarmHer to women across the nation.