Change-Maker Academy

Join Change-Makers Creating Tomorrow's Agriculture

Each year a select group of students will join a cohort dedicated to cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset. After being selected for the program, students will choose the impact group in which they want to participate. Each impact group will have a professional mentor to meet with throughout the semester, and will have the continued support of their peer relationships within the group. To complete the program and receive a scholarship, students will be required to engage in a minimum number of Change-Maker workshops or AgEI programs during the academic year. 

Questions: Matt Clancy, , (515) 294-1802.

Planned Change-Maker Workshop categories included the following.

  • Idea generation and creativity
  • Finding customers and identifying markets
  • Startup business basics
  • Business finance
  • Entrepreneurial skills and behaviors
  • Team building, networking and leadership
  • Intrapreneurship