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Dave Krog is the Entrepreneur in Residence in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, where he helps teach entrepreneurship courses and also mentors students in the early stages of starting businesses. He has been active in agriculture all of his life. His experiences started on his family's corn/soybean/hog farm in North Central Iowa. Since receiving his PhD in 1988, Krog has held various agribusiness industry positions, co-founded an ag-tech start-up, and advised companies on business strategy. 

In 1998, Krog joined Farmland Industries, a regional cooperative based in Kansas City, MO. As an economist, he built a set of optimization models that were used in the planning and operations of the nitrogen, phosphorus, and crop protection businesses. In 1990, he joined Pioneer Hi-Bred International as a market analyst in the Specialty Plant Products division. His primary responsibilities were in evaluating the development and production of various corn, soybean, canola, sunflower, and other crop end-use traits. He also was involved in the development of identity preserved grain supply chains. While at Pioneer, he also built a set of production, conditioning, and logistic optimization models for the Supply Management division of the company.

In 1996, Krog co-founded a Web start-up company called E-Markets. The vision of E-Markets was to bring significant efficiencies to agriculture using emerging Web-based information and communications technologies. E-Markets designed, developed, and operated a range of innovative Web applications used in grain marketing, identity preserved grain and oilseed production, seed supply chain management, and other applications. Seed orders for many of the major U.S. seed operations flowed through E-Markets’ applications.

In 2007, Krog became Chief Executive Officer of AgraGate Climate Credits Corporation. AgraGate was a carbon offset credit project developer and aggregator working in the voluntary U.S. carbon credit market. AgraGate worked with farmers, ranchers, livestock producers, and forest land owners in the process of enrolling, verifying, registering, and selling offset credits.

Since 2010, Krog has been working with Cirrus Partners, a business strategy consulting firm based out of Evergreen, CO. He is also involved in two family farming businesses.


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May 10, 2021 2:25 PM

This semester’s domestic travel course was project-based, the Farm to Fork Project. Twelve students explored the frontiers of entrepreneurial opportunity for direct-to-consumer agricultural businesses.

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