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Connor Bollum is a junior at Iowa State University studying agricultural business. Growing up in Austin, Minnesota, Connor is an avid lover of all things Spam and is the oldest of three kids.

AMES, Iowa, March 13, 2017 – The Ag Startup Engine (ASE), located at the Iowa State University (ISU) Research Park, has announced that Davis Brown, LWBJ, and LS2group are the initiative’s preferred legal, accounting, and public relations firms, respectively.

Ben Milne is the founder and CEO of Dwolla, a payments startup building the ideal way to move money. Under Ben, the Des Moines-based company has raised over $32 million from investors, like Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures, and has been recognized by Fast Company as one of the world’s “50 Most Innovative Companies of 2014”. Ben has been named as one of Fo

Empowering agriculturists. This phrase is at the core of the startup I am creating and it’s precisely what the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative has done for me... it’s empowered me to turn a simple thought into a solid reality.

This summer, I was sponsored by AgEI to participate in the CYstarters student summer accelerator program. Alongside seven other student businesses, the summer of building my business took off. Here’s a few things I’ve learned:

5 Things You Should Know About CYstarters

It's the middle of summer, so this is the busiest time of the summer for me at work.  I've been spending the majority of my time working in the fields with plants.  Since the hail storm that damaged the vast majority of our plants we have been trying to bring some of our plants back to life.  By picking off the damaged fruits and vegetables form the plants, most of them came back to life.  T

My name is Whitney Pokorny, and I am a junior at Iowa State University majoring in Horticulture with an emphasis in Food Crop Production and Management. My main interest is in farming vegetable crops. I come from a small town in Tama County where my family grows row crops. The Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative (AgEI) provided me with the opportunity to have a summer internship at Nature Road Farm in Boone.

My name is Alex Hage and I have just graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Agricultural Business. This summer I interned with Nature Road Farm just north of Boone, Iowa.  Linda and Randy Naeve founded nature Road Farm.  Linda also works as an Extension Program Specialist for Iowa State University and Randy is a full-time farmer during the growing season.


By: Ali Luety

When I was offered the internship at FarmHer, I was thrilled. I started with several goals: learn to use InDesign, get more photography experience, use a story-telling approach to write about our FarmHer spotlights, and brainstorm new ways to expand the FarmHer message. I was able to make substantial progress on my goals and much more.