Learning by Doing

By: Ali Luety

When I was offered the internship at FarmHer, I was thrilled. I started with several goals: learn to use InDesign, get more photography experience, use a story-telling approach to write about our FarmHer spotlights, and brainstorm new ways to expand the FarmHer message. I was able to make substantial progress on my goals and much more.


Working for an entrepreneurial business such as FarmHer means I had a lot of freedom and the work I
did was actually meaningful. My blogs were published regularly, I coordinated a monthly newsletter, and my ideas were taken seriously. Marji, founder of FarmHer and my boss, gave me the freedom and space to be creative and learn on my own. I was given the tools to become a self-starter. I learned when to ask for help and when I can figure things out by myself.


The summer flew by, and sadly my internship came to a close. I absolutely loved what I did and luckily I’m still able to be involved with FarmHer. The AgEI program has opened so many doors for me and I couldn’t be more grateful to have been a part of the FarmHer team this summer. Sometimes, internships teach students what kind of work they don’t want to do in the future. I’m fortunate to say that this internship, taught me exactly what kind of work I would love to do after graduation, what kind of people I want to work for, and the work environment I desire. This internship has set my standards pretty high, but I think that speaks true of what the agriculture industry has to offer to young professionals right now. There’s some really exciting stuff going on in the ag world and I’m so excited that I get to be a part of it through this incredible internship.