Entrepreneurial Agribusiness Executive Conference

Entrepreneurial executives pursue opportunities, incubate innovation, develop new resources, and push their organizations forward. The challenges and opportunities facing agriculture and the food industry today are significant, and the Entrepreneurial Agribusiness Executive Conference will provide a unique forum for assessing emerging trends and issues facing agribusinesses today.

Executives learn alongside other leaders in an interactive discussion and facilitated debate format, and gain insight on the paramount issues related to entrepreneurial leadership and strategic innovation in agribusiness. The goal of the conference is to push participant’s entrepreneurial boundaries and provoke a constructive dialogue on strategic innovation in agribusiness.

2015 Entrepreneurial Agribusiness Executive Conference dates: January 6-8, 2015  


There is wealth of opportunities for companies to partner with the AgEI program.

International & Domestic Development & Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness Courses

The AgEI program constantly seeks out student business development consulting projects from businesses in the agriculture industry. Student consulting teams work diligently to address key aspects of the specified project. Travel is a requirement for the project in order to expose students to various domestic and international business settings. Consulting fees vary on type and location of projects. Financial commitments are utilized for travel and research expenses. If interested, please contact Amanda Blair 515.294.4945 or acblair@iastate.edu

Donations & Sponsors:

Donors and sponsors play an integral role in the success of the AgEI program. As a self-funded program, the AgEI team is constantly seeking support from external funds. Moneys can be donated from certain programs, events, scholarships, or to the general AgEI program.

Speaking Engagements

The knowledgeable AgEI staff have a passion for sharing their expertise in agricultural entrepreneurship. Whether it is for a company team building retreat, executive conference, or any other agribusiness event, we would be happy to discuss with you how we can add value to these events. Please contact Amanda Blair if you are interested in having one of the team members speak at your next event.

Affiliates Program

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