Econ 334: Entrepreneurship in Agriculture Course

Introduction to the process of entrepreneurship within the agricultural and food sectors.

Emphasis on opportunity recognition and assessment, resource acquisition and feasibility analysis for both private and social enterprises. Students develop a comprehensive feasibility study for a new business or non-profit organizations. Thanks to a generous donation from Pete and Al Hermanson, family farmers from central Iowa, are encouraged to create feasible businesses in order to win $500 scholarships used to develop their business concept ideas further. 

2014 Hermanson Scholarship Winners: 

Justin Bahr, Scenic City Aquaponic Suppliers
Augustus Cooper, Agro Vantage Consulting
Johnna Decker, Bernard County Farms
Janet Horsager, Bee Pollinated
Jackson Kimle, Onion Creek Ranch
Jenna Lansing, Cattle Pro
Blake Lehmann, Lean Ag
Peter LeMair, Hydromax Water Monitoring Solutions
Greg Storjohann, Trac Vac
Shawn Tian, United Family Farm
Corbin Uitermarkt, Religious Rides Ranch
Lani Yunarto, Soupper