Student Advisory Team

Interested in taking on a leadership role with the AgEI Office?

Apply now to join the Student Advisory Team! 

Team members are given the opportunity to work with AgEI staff to develop and redefine AgEI programs. Opportunities also include planning and hosting networking and other AgEI sponsored events, presentations, panels, and more as the need arises. For more information or to apply, please send a copy of your current resume to Amanda Blair at by Friday, September 8th.  

2016 - 17 Student Advisory Team members from back left to front right: Izak Christensen, Trey Forsyth, Mitchell Hora, Joni Erwin, Lexi Marek, Rebekah Sletten, Katie Schrodt. Not pictured: Ali Luety.

Team members include College of Agriculture and Life Science students from a variety of different majors. Their diverse interests and backgrounds allow the staff members to get a better feel for what students in each major are looking to get from the program.