About Us

The Iowa State University Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative (AgEI) was established in 2005 with a $1.6 million gift from Roger and Connie Underwood.  The Underwood’s understand and recognize the importance of entrepreneurship and wish to empower undergraduates, faculty and staff with the entrepreneurial tools needed to start their own business ventures.

Since its launch, the AgEI program has seen abundant growth in students and outreach programs. More than 300 students participate in events each year, allowing them to experience entrepreneurship first-hand. Outreach efforts have expanded to include an annual Entrepreneurial Agribusiness Executive Conference (EAEC) as well as partnership opportunities through international and domestic courses.

Innovation and business creation are fundamental to long term economic growth. Helping Iowa State students and faculty strengthen their entrepreneurial skills will contribute to Iowa’s , our nation’s, and the world’s economy.


To provide students with practical business development and entrepreneurial experiences essential for their success in future careers and endeavors.
To provide outreach programs designed for agribusiness executives and decision makers allowing them to pursue new opportunities, incubate innovation, develop resources, and push their organizations forward.