Dr. Jay Lehr: Are We Ready? The Frontiers of Ag Opportunity

Dr. Jay Lehr


Economist and futurist Dr. Jay Lehr has five decades of experience in Agricultural Economics, Agronomy, Environmental Science and Business Administration.  He received a degree in geological engineering from Princeton and he holds a Ph.D. from the University of Arizona in a combined program of environmental science and agricultural economics.


Dr. Lehr taught at both the University of Arizona and The Ohio State University before serving as Executive Director of the National Ground Water Association and the Association for Ground Water Scientists and Engineers. For over 20 years, he has been Science Director of the Heartland Institute, a think tank supported by contributions from individuals, foundations and corporations.


A prolific writer, Dr. Lehr is the author of 35 books. The Handbook of Environmental Science, Health and Technology, Modern Groundwater Exploration and The Environmental Remediation Handbook are three of his most recent. He is a frequent guest on Fox’s Neil Cavuto Show.


In addition to being a brilliant environmental scholar, Dr. Lehr is an accomplished athlete and Certified Personal Trainer. He has competed in the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon nine times and won the over 70 Florida Ironman in 2007. He is an avid cyclist and holds the record for the world’s longest streak of monthly skydives.; one dive every month for 34 years and 11 months.  His streak was interrupted by a broken hip from a bicycle crash, but he was back to jumping the following month.  He doubts that anyone is dumb enough to challenge his record.