90 seconds for $900

90 Seconds for $900 Elevator Pitch Competition
Sponsored by: Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative

Tuesday, September 26
Central Campus
12:00 - 1:30 p.m. 

​When starting a business, you’re full of ideas of what it will accomplish, which industries it will improve, and just how you’ll do it. But how do you share the story of your business, so others become excited about its mission as much as you are? The goal of this competition is to encourage young entrepreneurs to pitch their business to an audience and judges, to gain valuable feedback, exposure for their venture, and the opportunity to win cash prizes. All without visuals, 90 seconds at a time.

Official Rules

This competition is open to any Iowa State University undergraduate student.

How it works
On Wednesday, September 13, 2017, the competition registration will officially open.
Limited to 16 participants (one student per business).
Matchups are randomized and announced day of, in a bracketed, head-to-head format, with single elimination.
Each pitch is limited to 90 seconds.
Round 1 consists of 8 head-to-head pitches, voted on by audience, with the question, what problem are you solving?
Round 2 consists of 4 head-to-head pitches, voted on by audience, with the question, how can your technology and team accomplish this?
Round 3 consists of remaining 4 participants pitching one-by-one, voted on by judges and audience, with the question, how can $900 help move your business forward?
Each of remaining 4 participants answer 2 minutes of questions from the judges after their pitch.
Upon final participant answering questions from judges, the crowd votes for their favorite (measured in level of applause, with emcee having final say in tiebreakers).
Judges deliberate during final audience voting (judge winner must be separate from the audience winner).
Audience winner and judge winner both receive $900.

How to participate
With limited availability, it’s highly recommended that you register on September 13.  Submit your completed participation form to Clayton Mooney, at cdmooney@iastate.edu. Please direct all questions to Clayton Mooney, at cdmooney@iastate.edu

Click HERE for application.